When i woke up tuesday it

Yale police called over napping black student And the encounter is posted on social media, sparking outrage about racial profiling. In what is becoming an all-too familiar episode, a black Yale University graduate student was interrogated by campus police officers early Tuesday after a white student found her sleeping in a common room of their dorm and called police.

When i woke up tuesday it

On Tuesday we found out. All it takes is a few derogatory tweets by a star, in this case Roseanne Barr, and a few conference calls by network executives. Executives at ABC and its parent company, Disney, decided early in the day to pull the plug on "Roseanne.

This controversy was by far the worst yet. But other "Roseanne" producers and cast members only found out about the decision when ABC issued a terse statement shortly before 11 a. ABC canceled "Roseanne" Tuesday. Clinton, on the East Coast, responded to Barr bright and early, at 7 a.

In her response, she advanced an anti-semitic and debunked idea about Soros.

When i woke up tuesday it

ABC is headquartered in Burbank, California. Pacific, ABC executives were talking by email and phone. Pacific, Barr tweeted out an apology to Jarrett.

She said she was "leaving Twitter. ABC executives thought -- and hoped -- that Barr would tone down her tweeting and focus on her sitcom. Barr held onto her beloved Twitter presence and the community she has cultivated there. A call was arranged with Barr, her publicist, and executive producer Tom Werner, whose production company Carsey-Werner owns the sitcom.

Barr was contrite on the call, according to a source. She was told that cancellation was a possibility. And by 9 a. Pacific time, it was clear to the virtually assembled executives that the sitcom was no more.

It was starting to get coverage on TV and on major news websites. ABC viewers, advertisers and rival networks were all watching to see what the network would say and do.

It was easy to imagine an ad boycott against "Roseanne" and other ABC programs. However, ABC sources said advertisers were not a factor in the decision.

When i woke up tuesday it

Pacific, the conversation among the bosses turned to when and how to cancel the show. Shortly after 9 a. An ABC source confirmed this and said the staffers were just beginning to arrive when the cancellation news hit at The executives decided that Dungey should issue the statement, and then Iger would follow up with a tweet.

Dungey kept it to one sentence: One of the retweets claimed that "ABC is allowing the Trump haters to control their station.

Her pledge to quit Twitter turned out to be very short-lived. Now there are many outstanding questions:'Gazza woke us all up by playing Three Lions': Alan Shearer on England rediscovering Euro 96 fervour. Newcastle United legend and former England captain Alan Shearer is now dreaming of a Three.

In the essay “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday” by Martha Stout the author questions whether sanity or normalcy exists. In her essay Stout uses carefully chosen examples and statements to persuade her readers into believing her argument regarding sanity%(2).

A Kansas City man was charged Tuesday with the robbery of a UMB branch that he had previously been charged with robbing in He was released from federal custody in . Melbourne's biggest and best comedy club featuring the stars of comedy from around Australia and the world!

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An overwhelming majority of Chinese netizens said they are against the idea of China taking refugees from other countries, saying the US, who incited wars and turmoil that caused the issue, should.

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