Uses of forests essay writer

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Uses of forests essay writer

Short essay on the Importance of Forests K.

uses of forests essay writer

Forests are precious national resource whim not only play significant role in national condor but help in pollution control and maintaining logical balance. These offer a number of direct indirect advantages which have been realised sin time immemorial. Forests provide valuable timber for dome tic and commercial use.

Industries like paper, matt making, plywood, sports goods, lakh and furniture at directly based on raw materials derived from forest 2. These include lakh, gum and resins, tannin material, medicines, herbs, honey, spices, etc.

Auction of forests for commercial use fetches annual income to state exchequer. Export of forest products earns valuable foreign exchange to the country. Grazing of cattle in the forests helps in dairy farming and cattle rising.

Forests are the natural habitat for wild life and birds which attract tourists, holiday makers and hunters. These may be developed as very good picnic or tourist centers in the form of wild life sanctuaries and national parks which have good employment and income generating potential.

Forests are the moderators of climate. Forests play dominant role in carbon cycle. These absorb atmospheric carbon-di-oxide and help in maintaining the purity of air and controlling atmospheric pollution.

Forests help in controlling soil erosion, soil degradation and floods. That is why these are very helpful in land reclamation and flood control. Forests help in water percolation and thereby maintain underground water table. Decay of plant leaves provides humus to the soils and increases their fertility.

Indian forests are rich in wild life housing about species of animals. Forests help in maintaining natural scenic beauty which every year attract a number of tourists and nature lovers.

Forests provide natural habitat to a number of primitive tribes which are part of our rich cultural heritage. Forests provide recluse to rashes, saints and hermits who have enriched our religious and cultural thoughts.

Mere a visit of such quiet serene environment relieves physical and mental strains and refurbishes new vitality and vigor.Forests and the many changing trees of which they are composed have. since the really earlier yearss played an of import portion in the life of world.

It is because of this that work forces have realized their value and have taken stairss to continue them and to forestall their wanton and useless devastation.

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We get many things from the forests. They include bamboos of different kinds. We get grasses of various types. Medical plants gum and lac are provided by forests. It is also widely used for medicines. In India there are over types of medicinal plants.

uses of forests essay writer

So forests are of great value. The uses for forests are numerous, with some impacting the environment and us negatively and some impacting positively. It is important to remember that forest should be sustained so that there will not be a loss of benefits and discoveries.

The Uses of Forest Essay Sample Forests and the many varying trees of which they are composed have, since the very earliest days played an important part in . Words Essay on The Use of Forests Article shared by Forests form an important part of the wealth of a country; and in India, the preservation of the forests is so important that it has long been taken over by the Government, and is in charge of the Government Forests Department.

Importance of Forests Forests and biodiversity are key to all life forms. The richer the diversity of life, the greater the opportunity for medical discoveries, economic development and adaptive responses to such new challenges as climate change.

Below are some more importance of forests.

The Uses of Forest | Essay Example