The life and contributions of steven spielberg

Cincinnati, Ohio American film director Steven Spielberg is one of the wealthiest and most powerful moviemakers in Hollywood. The Extra-Terrestrial, he is regarded as a man who understands the pulse of America as it would like to see itself. He was the oldest and the only son of four children.

The life and contributions of steven spielberg

American film director and producer Written By: See Article History Alternative Title: Early life and work Spielberg developed an interest in filmmaking as a child, and during his teens his Escape to Nowherea minute war movie, won first prize at a film festival.

The life and contributions of steven spielberg

In he made his first television movie, Duela taut, almost claustrophobic exercise in psychosis that was more intense than typical TV fare it was released theatrically in Europe.

Although Spielberg permitted star Dennis Weaver —who played a motorist chased by a homicidal truck driver—to register a one-note impression of sweaty terror throughout the movie, his handling of the action sequences was staged and executed with bravado.

It featured Roy Scheider as the police chief of a resort town who battles a man-eating white shark. Joining him are Richard Dreyfuss as a marine biologist and Robert Shaw as a shark hunter.

The highly praised thriller received an Academy Award nomination for best picture, and its ominous soundtrack by John Williams won an Oscar.


Spielberg then directed the mystical science-fiction tale Close Encounters of the Third Kindwhich he also wrote. Dreyfuss was cast as the lead, and he submitted one of the best performances of his career, as a telephone lineman who encounters an unidentified flying object and subsequently The life and contributions of steven spielberg obsessed with UFOs.

For the film, Spielberg received his first Academy Award nomination for best director. After the disappointing —which was received as an unfunny comedy, despite the presence of John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd—Spielberg directed Raiders of the Lost Arka loving, expert if slightly redundant tribute to old adventure serials.

The film and its sequels, which starred Harrison Ford as handsome archaeologist Indiana Jonesused rich colour cinematography, brisk editing, memorable musical soundtracks, and inventive special effects to create a cinematic experience that was typically light yet highly suspenseful. Spielberg received his second Academy Award nomination for best director; the film was also a best picture nominee.

The Extra-Terrestrial was a moving exploration of an alien encounter that cleverly eschewed the epic scale of Close Encounters for the microcosm of its effect on a single California family. Henry Thomas gave a strong performance as the boy who discovers and befriends the stranded alien, and Dee Wallace portrayed his sympathetic mom.

The film also featured Drew Barrymore in one of her first roles. The Extra-Terrestrialdirected by Steven Spielberg. Nevertheless, it found an audience that appreciated the cast—which included Whoopi GoldbergMargaret Avery, and Oprah Winfreyall of whom were nominated for Academy Awards—as well as the script by Menno Meyjes and the score by coproducer Quincy Jonesboth of which were also Academy Award-nominated.

The film received a nomination for best picture, but Spielberg failed to earn an Oscar nod, a slight that created a small scandal at the time. More important, however, Spielberg had made one of the few commercially successful films about the experience of African Americans, paving the way for similar projects to be green-lighted.

But where The Color Purple was able to convey emotional truth, Empire of the Sun almost let the story about its young protagonist Christian Bale drown under a wave of pyrotechnics.

It was a box-office failure. Although Indiana Jones was a hit, Always failed to find an audience. His pervasive influence was recognized in by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when it honoured him with the Irving G.

Thalberg Award, given for excellence in producing. Despite a cast that included major stars Robin Williams and Julia Robertsthe movie was a critical and commercial failure.

Spielberg, however, returned to form in dramatic fashion with not one but two enormously popular releases. Its scenes of peril are less deftly blended with character-focused downtime activity than in Jaws, but technology is employed to great effect, and there are enough potent shocks to indicate that Spielberg was still a master of Alfred Hitchcock -worthy suspense.

It was shot with unflinching detail in black and white, and it won Spielberg his first Academy Award for best director. In addition, the film garnered six other Oscars, including best picture. In Spielberg joined with multimedia moguls Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen to found a new studio, DreamWorkswhich was particularly successful as a creator of such popular animated films as Antzthe Shrek series, and Puss in Boots ShrekShrek right with his sidekick, Donkey.

Jurassic Park failed to attain the majesty of Jurassic Park, but it had many compelling moments. Based on a best seller by Crichton, who reportedly wrote the book at the behest of Spielberg himself, the film repeats the Jurassic Park formula with a largely new cast— Julianne MooreVince Vaughn, Pete Postlethwaiteand Arliss Howard—and returnee Jeff Goldblum, who again plays a scientist who knows this manipulation of nature for profit is both crass and morally indefensible.

There are numerous thrills, and the dinosaur special effects equal those of the earlier film. Amistad found Spielberg in social historian mode. The film centres on the slave revolt that took place aboard the Spanish slave ship Amistad in and the subsequent trial in the United States for which the slaves were tried for insurrection on the high seas only to be ruled by the court to have been kidnap victims.

Matthew McConaughey was effective as a defense lawyer, and Anthony Hopkins earned an Academy Award nomination for his showy role as former U. As Cinque, the leader of the Africans, Djimon Hounsou gave a memorable performance. The film was well received critically, but it did only modest business at the box-office.Steven Spielberg, in full Steven Allan Spielberg, (born December 18, His life and career are the subject of the HBO TV documentary Spielberg our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

Submit. Thank You for Your Contribution! Our editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll. Steven Spielberg received the AFI Life Achievement Award in In , Author Thomas Keneally has also disputed claims that Emilie Schindler was never paid for her contributions to the film, "not least because I had recently sent Emilie a check myself.".

Transcript of Steven Spielbergs Contribution to the Film Industry. Steven Spielberg's Contribution to the Film Industry Jurassic Park As a child, Steven Spielberg was captivated by dinosaurs Jurassic park is ranked 13th highest grossing films.

Oct 05,  · Watch video · In HBO's 'Spielberg,' the movies help reveal the man. Director Susan Lacy interviewed Steven Spielberg for more than 30 hours to make a 2 1/2-hour documentary about the director's life and career. Watch video · looks at the life and work of Academy Award -winning director Steven Spielberg, known for an array of popular films like 'Jaws,' 'E.T.,' 'The .

Spielberg, Steven. Steven Spielberg () is one of Hollywood's most influential and successful film directors and co-founder of DreamWorks SKG. Spielberg realized the importance of filmmaking and movies in his life.

At the age of eleven, Spielberg directed his first amateur film. In fact, he and his sister charged local neighborhood.

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