The length and area of wire affects its resistance essay

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The length and area of wire affects its resistance essay

The conductor consists of seven strands of steel surrounded by four layers of aluminium.

The length and area of wire affects its resistance essay

High-voltage overhead conductors are not covered by insulation. The conductor material is nearly always an aluminum alloy, made into several strands and possibly reinforced with steel strands. Copper was sometimes used for overhead transmission, but aluminum is lighter, yields only marginally reduced performance and costs much less.

Overhead conductors are a commodity supplied by several companies worldwide. Improved conductor material and shapes are regularly used to allow increased capacity and modernize transmission circuits.

For normal AC lines thicker wires would lead to a relatively small increase in capacity due to the skin effect which causes most of the current to flow close to the surface of the wire.

Because of this current limitation, multiple parallel cables called bundle conductors are used when higher capacity is needed. Bundle conductors are also used at high voltages to reduce energy loss caused by corona discharge.

Since overhead transmission wires depend on air for insulation, the design of these lines requires minimum clearances to be observed to maintain safety.

The length and area of wire affects its resistance essay

Adverse weather conditions, such as high wind and low temperatures, can lead to power outages. Undergrounding Electric power can also be transmitted by underground power cables instead of overhead power lines. Underground cables take up less right-of-way than overhead lines, have lower visibility, and are less affected by bad weather.

However, costs of insulated cable and excavation are much higher than overhead construction. Faults in buried transmission lines take longer to locate and repair. In some metropolitan areas, underground transmission cables are enclosed by metal pipe and insulated with dielectric fluid usually an oil that is either static or circulated via pumps.

If an electric fault damages the pipe and produces a dielectric leak into the surrounding soil, liquid nitrogen trucks are mobilized to freeze portions of the pipe to enable the draining and repair of the damaged pipe location.

This type of underground transmission cable can prolong the repair period and increase repair costs. The temperature of the pipe and soil are usually monitored constantly throughout the repair period. Long underground AC cables have significant capacitancewhich may reduce their ability to provide useful power to loads beyond 50 miles 80 kilometres.

DC cables are not limited in length by their capacitance, however, they do require HVDC converter stations at both ends of the line to convert from DC to AC before being interconnected with the transmission network. History of electric power transmission New York City streets in Besides telegraph lines, multiple electric lines were required for each class of device requiring different voltages In the early days of commercial electric power, transmission of electric power at the same voltage as used by lighting and mechanical loads restricted the distance between generating plant and consumers.

How Does the Length of a Wire Affect Its Resistance? - Essay

Ingeneration was with direct current DCwhich could not easily be increased in voltage for long-distance transmission. It seemed, at the time, that the industry would develop into what is now known as a distributed generation system with large numbers of small generators located near their loads.

The first long distance AC line was 34 kilometres 21 miles long, built for the International Exhibition of Turin, Italy. The system proved the feasibility of AC electric power transmission on long distances.

Few months later it was followed by the first British AC system, which was put into service at the Grosvenor GalleryLondon. It also featured Siemens alternators and 2.

Working from what he considered an impractical Gaulard-Gibbs design, electrical engineer William Stanley, Jr. This design was further developed into the modern practical three-phase form by Mikhail Dolivo-Dobrovolsky and Charles Eugene Lancelot Brown.

These companies continued to develop AC systems but the technical difference between direct and alternating current systems would follow a much longer technical merger. These included single phase AC systems, poly-phase AC systems, low voltage incandescent lighting, high voltage arc lighting, and existing DC motors in factories and street cars.

In what was becoming a universal system, these technological differences were temporarily being bridged via the development of rotary converters and motor-generators that would allow the large number of legacy systems to be connected to the AC grid.Its resistance to the flow of electricity, which is measured in ohms (Ω), is altered by light and is very high in the dark and very low in bright light.

So, if you put a glow-in-the-dark object in a jar and place a photoresistor in the lid of the jar, its resistance will change depending on how much the object glows. based on the suggested timeframe and length of classes. Time Activity Description Subject 60 minutes 1 – Introduction and Reading Passage • how temperature affects the efficiency of a PV cell BEFORE YOU START hooks around which you can manually twist the wire.

2. Follow your teacher’s safety instructions and attach the red wire. TECHNOLOGY LEVELS A useful concept in science fiction gaming is the technology level (or “tech level”), denoting what a given world .

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How does the length of a wire affect its resistance? Free Essay How does the length of a wire affect its resistance?

We write essays, research papers, term papers, course works, reviews, theses and more, so our primary mission is to help you succeed academically.

Surface tension has the dimension of force per unit length, or of energy per unit area. The two are equivalent—but when referring to energy per unit of area, people use the term surface energy —which is a more general term in the sense that it applies also to solids and not just liquids.

A wire in the shape of a circle with area A and carrying current I is a magnet, Heating a magnet past its Curie temperature; the molecular motion destroys the alignment of the magnetic domains. This always removes all magnetization. L is the length of each magnet, in m.

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