Submarines in world war ii essay

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Submarines in world war ii essay

Japanese Submarine Campaign Figure 1. They had, however, what American submariners lacked--a highly reliable torpedo. The Japanese submariners scorded some successes, but given the size of the force was not a major factor in the Pacific War.

This was in sharp contrast to the key role played by American submariners who after the torpedo problem was fixed were aided by both Ultra decrypts and radar. Japanese submariners considered sinking frighters almost beneath their dignity. Their mind set was that was not jat true warrios did.

Here two Japanese submarines surrender mikes off Tokyo August 31, The wire service transmission from Guam read, "Jap subs surrender to U. Two Japanese submarine which surrendered to American naval forces miles from Japan display the American flag over the emblem of the rising sun on their masts.

Both subs were coated with an asphalt material to minimize detection by radar. The Japanese Navy got its first submarines from the United States, buying them from the Electric Boat Company in the early 20th century. More sophisticated submarines were obtained as part of the World War I peace settlement.

The Allies gave the Japanese a number of German U-boats. After the War, the Japanese Navy began to focus on the American Navy as its most likely future opponent. The Japanese began building an advanced submarine, the I-class submarines.

This submarine reflected the empire that Japan began to conceive in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The I-boats were very large submarines, reflecting the vast distances involved in Pacific operations.

The I-class were ft long and had ranges of 20, miles, more than twice that of 7, mile range of the German U-boats. The Japanese had smaller subs for coastal patrol, but the backbone of the fleet was the I-class boats.

Surprisingly the substantial Japanese submarine fleet with the unique capabilities of its boats, had little impact on the Pacific campaign. The Japanese Navy never used their submarines to interdict American supply vessels. Rather they were used to target fighting ships with only limited success because of their tactical deployment.

The Japanese used theor submarines as scouts and to targer warships. As the American offensive moved toward the Home Islands, the Japanese used their submarines to supply bypassed island garisons, some of which were near starvation. They were also used to supply bypassed islasnd bases where garrisons were close to starvation.

They also managed to get some secret German military technology to Japan late in the war The Japanese developed especially large sunmarines that could carry a few planes.

They were planning an attack on the Panama Canal until the subarines were redeployed to defend Okinawa Theseearly boats had very limited capabilities.

We know of no significant use of these boats. The U-boats on the other hand, threatened the Royal Navy and Britain to the core. As a result, the British were determined that there were would be severe limits on the German fleet after the War. One of thoise limits was that the Germans would be prohibited to have submarines.

Most of the German U-boats were scuttled. The Allies gave the Japanese, who had supported the Meitrranean naval campign, a number of the German U-boats.

Submarines in world war ii essay

Here a najor bebefit was that both the Americans and British scuttled older vessels and restructed new vessel construction under the terms of the Washington Naval Treaties.

This enabled the Japanese to close the gap in naval forces. The naval arms restrictions coverd battleships and crusiers. There were no limits on submarine construction. Japanese nationalists were incensed that Japan was not granted parity with Britain and America.

In fact the limitations in naval construction enabled allowed the Japanese to close the naval gap.Essay on Submarine warfare - Submarine Warfare It took World War I to prove the worth of submarines. Prior to that time, submarines played only a small role in the plans of fleet commanders, serving primarily only as coastal defense units.

World War II Submarine Warfare and the United States Essay Words 9 Pages In the thirty-eight years of the United States Naval Submarine Service no . A World War II Submarines History In a review consisting of seven pages the development of the American submarine is traced from the Civil War until its use by world powers in the Second World War with the Germans in particular heavily relying on this tool during the war.

Essay on History: World War Ii and War surrendered on may 7, and the war in europe during the wwII war was officially over. Desert Fox – nickname given to . The submarine is known as an important invention that proved successful in the World War Two era. Eighty-five of Mussolini’s and a breath-taking seven hundred eighty-two of Hitler’s submarines were sunk during the war, in addition to an unknown amount of Japanese submarines (Rush 35).

Essay on Submarine warfare - Submarine Warfare It took World War I to prove the worth of submarines. Prior to that time, submarines played only a small role in the plans of fleet commanders, serving primarily only as coastal defense units.

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