Partnership project

Its member agencies are among the pre-eminent experts on the issues of youth homelessness in Los Angeles, the current homeless capital of America. As service providers, HHYP works to achieve best practices in service delivery with the goal of strengthening interventions to help homeless youth exit the streets, overcoming the traumatic experiences at the core of their homelessness.

Partnership project

The 5-year RCPP Program agreement was signed on May 1st and is now ready to provide funding to farmers to help install a variety of best management practices that will keep nutrients on fields and improve water quality. Officially, the program sign-up period for Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana farmers in the watershed begins this Wednesday, July 1st and runs through July 17th.

Informational brochures will be distributed to raise awareness of this important multiyear project and encourage farmers and landowners to participate in the new conservation program.

This multi-state project includes more than 40 collaborating public and private sector organizations with representation from Michigan, Indiana and Ohio state and local governments, as well as non-profit entities, universities and private sector businesses.

The financial and technical assistance available through these programs support conservation practices that protect soil health, water quality and quantity, and prevent fish and wildlife habitat degradation.

Partnership project

This new RCPP project expands access to public and private technical assistance, new and on-going innovative conservation practices and expertise for modeling and evaluating outcomes to farmers in these critical sub-watersheds. If a local group has not been identified for a watershed, or if a local group is missing from our list, we would be happy to add them.

If you are part of a local organization working to benefit the a watershed within the WLEB area, and are not listed on this site, please contact us at webmaster wleb.The Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership (HHYP) is a partnership of youth-serving agencies that prevent and reduce homelessness among youth and young adults through.

The Grafton Heritage Partnership invites you to support this extraordinary effort.

Partnership project

Help us preserve some of the natural and human traces of our past that remind . Reconnecting People with their Landscape and Cultural Heritage. The Landscape Partnership belongs to a growing number of schemes funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) which aim to make a difference to how people perceive, appreciate and care for distinctive landscapes across the UK.

White Cliffs Countryside Project article: The White Cliffs Countryside Partnership was set up to help conserve and enhance the special coast and countryside of Dover and Shepway districts, and make it accessible to all.

The coast and countryside of Dover and Shepway are. coordinated effort underway to protect and recover southern resident orca. learn more. charting the course to recovery. WT Partnership Australia provides project management, cost management & specialist consultancy advisory services for the property & construction industries.

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