Oil field service company business plan

Operations[ edit ] ADNOC is one of the world's largest energy companies measured by both reserves and production. ADNOC has 16 subsidiary companies in upstreammidstream, and downstream stages of production. The company operates two oil refineriesRuwais and Umm Al Nar. ADNOC exports natural gas in the form of liquefied natural gas LNG in addition to producing supplies for local electricity and water utilities, to other domestic industries including petrochemicals plants, and for re-injection into reservoirs.

Oil field service company business plan

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources oversees the Syrian oil and natural gas sectors, and is in charge of setting policy priorities and coordinating the efforts of the state-led companies that operate in the sector.

The following information reflects the pre-conflict operating status of Syria's oil and natural gas sector. The SPC was Syria's largest state-owned oil company, and it had a number of production-sharing agreements PSAs in place throughout the oil sector.

These arrangements often ensured that the Syrian government retained a certain percentage of the oil produced in its fields as royalties.


Contracts regularly lasted up to 25 years. International oil companies with interests in Syria prior to the conflict included Gulfsands, Sinopec, and Total, as well as several other smaller companies.

By most accounts, nearly all of Syria's foreign partners have left the country. Syria's natural gas distribution network was managed by the SCOT. The majority of Syria's gas-processing plants were operated by state-owned firms—led by the SPC—but there were a handful that were operated by international companies.

The Ministry of Electricity oversaw the electricity sector in Syria, while the General Establishment for Electricity Transmission operated the country's transmission system. Syria also had separate entities for the generation and distribution of electricity.

Petroleum and other liquids Syria's oil sector has been in a state of disarray since Production and exports of crude oil have fallen to nearly zero, and the country is facing supply shortages of refined products. Sanctions placed on Syria by the European Union in particular—whose countries accounted for the majority of Syrian oil exports previously—limited the number of markets available to import and process the heavier Syrian crudes.

The lack of domestic crude oil production has caused the country's two main refineries to operate at less than half of normal capacity, resulting in supply shortages for refined petroleum products.

oil field service company business plan

Further, sanctions—and the resulting loss of oil export revenues—make importing petroleum products difficult. It is likely that Iran continues to supply Syria with crude oil and refined products.

With the onset of sanctions by the United Statesthe European Union, and other countries, almost all of the international oil companies IOCs and national oil companies NOCs ceased operations in Syria, significantly limiting Syria's exploration and production capabilities.

Most of Syria's existing oil fields are located in the east near the border with Iraq or in the center of the country, east of the city of Homs. The years prior to the onset of hostilities saw an increased emphasis on the use of enhanced oil recovery EOR techniques in Syria, with several companies promising increased investment in the country's mature oil fields.

The AFPC utilized water- and gas-injection systems to aid recovery in many of its fields, and—with little in the way of new discoveries expected—EOR techniques are likely to become increasingly important for ensuring stable output should production resume. Syria also has shale oil resources, with estimates of reserves in ranging as high as 50 billion tons according to Syrian government sources.

Imports and exports Syria's crude oil exports are assumed to have ceased, and the country is having difficulties importing refined petroleum products. In the years leading up toSyria began importing more refined petroleum products to meet rising domestic demand. Following the imposition of sanctions and the advancement of ISIS, Syria has experienced a shortage of crude oil and petroleum products.

Refining and consumption The combined capacity of Syria's two refineries has fallen to roughly half its pre-conflict output. Syria has two state-owned refineries, one in Homs and the other in Banias.

Like the country's oil fields, the majority of Syria's natural gas fields are in the central and eastern parts of the country. Most of Syria's natural gas is used by commercial and residential customers and in power generation.

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InSyria became a net importer of natural gas, but the country's current state of conflict—and sanctions—have affected the ability of Syria to receive natural gas. The only source of natural gas imports, the Arab Gas Pipeline, became the target of attacks as the conflict intensified, forcing the pipeline to shut down.

Syria's plans to convert all existing thermal power generation facilities to natural gas—fired plants many are currently using refined petroleum products hinge on these import volumes being available, but this goal seems out of reach. Exploration and production Syria's dry natural gas production fell to less than billion cubic feet Bcf in according to estimates from EIA.

Inthe last year under normal operating conditions, Syria produced billion cubic feet Bcf of dry natural gas. Prior to the current conflict, more than half of Syria's natural gas production came from nonassociated fields, with those volumes being redirected to oil fields and domestic demand centers through the country's domestic pipeline network.

Imports and exports According to press reports, Syria is not currently importing natural gas from Egypt via the Arab Gas Pipeline. Syria has never produced sufficient volumes of natural gas to export. There were plans to expand the pipeline into TurkeyLebanonand eventually to Europe, but developments are now unlikely.

Arab Gas Pipeline U. Energy Information Administration, IHS Representation of international boundaries is not necessarily authoritative Electricity Syria's electricity infrastructure, including power plants, substations, and transmission lines, has been a frequent target of sabotage.Cities Service “For People Going Places!” Cities Service Company was started by an oilman, Henry Latham Dougherty, in to supply gas and electricity to small public utilities.

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