M2 justify design

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M2 justify design

P5 - Explain the role of software design principles and software structures in the IT Systems Development Life Cycle Systems Development Lifecycle When a new system is to be developed, the system follows the systems development cycle that typically consists of six stages.

Systems are developed using this lifecycle as it breaks down the process of development into simple stages and allows the system to be developed by multiple people e. Planning Understanding the Scope Understanding the scope of the system is important as it gives a description of the system and allows the designers to work out the requirements.

The scope defines the purpose of the system, this allows the designers to identify the key objectives of the system and work out what facilities are required for the system. If there are many facilities needed by the system, they must be prioritised so that only the features immediately needed are included — the amount of features included depends on what resources are available.

The user requirements must be clearly stated and understood by both the user and system developers otherwise there can be issues later on in the process. They also need to know why the system is being created as this will help the system to be design and also maintain focus on the objective of the system throughout the process.

This means the new software can stop the problems the current system being used is facing. The designers need to know what other systems the new system will be interacting with so that they understand the inputs from other systems going into the new one.

The new system needs to be able to work alongside these systems without any problems. Design the System The designers use the scope and requirements to produce a clear design for the system which will be used by the programmers to create the system.

The design process requires a user interface to be designed, consideration into how the program will be structured with detailed on the procedures and where the data is stored within system. The designs must be detailed and revised before they are given to the programmers to ensure that all the requirements for the system are met.

These tools are described later on in the manual. Code the Program After the designs for the system has been created, the programmers can start to produce the programs and software that the system will use.

L3 BTEC IT Unit 6 - Software Design and Development

The coding language used to code the program depends on the type of system and features that it will contain; the language could be event-driven, object-orientated or procedural. Test the Program When the program has coded it must be tested to ensure that it has no bugs, errors or other issues.

M2 justify design

Testing should occur once a procedure or a major part of the system has been finished. By testing the program as it is developed, any bugs or issues with the programming are detected and rectified before they can cause a problem. If the testing is left until the end of the coding stage in the lifecycle, the programmers may find they have made an error which may need a small section or possibly the whole system to be recoded.

Testing is important as it ensures that a program is of high quality and will not cause any issues when it is distributed and used by the users.

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Another reason testing must be carried out is to ensure that the program meets the requirements set at the start of this process. If the requirements are not met, then the code will need to be adapted to suit the missed requirements.

Maintain the System After a program has been created, distributed and installed, it will be used by the user for a long time. Over this long period of time, issue or bugs that were not found in the testing stage or that have developed over time may present themselves.

This means that regular maintenance of the system will need to take place. Maintaining the system is vital if the system is to be used for a long time as any problems will need to be eradicated — this involve having programmers make adjustments to the code.

The quality of the code will affect how much maintenance the system will require and for how long — high quality code will encounter less issues and will not need have as much maintenance carried out on it compared to low quality code.

If an issue occurs with high quality code, it tends to be easily fixed and in a short amount of time as there will be certain features that quality code has which will make it easier to locate and fix problems.

Software structures also improve the readability of code, can make validation user inputs easier and are also considered good programming practice. The different software structures are described below. Functions Functions are modules of code that carry out a predefined task.

Typically a function takes input and processes it — the function will define what happens to the input — and then outputs it again. Functions can be used multiple times in a program, and can be called within other functions.

In most programming languages there are two types of function: Built-in functions are a part of the language and can be useful for validation, making all user inputs the same format for example.

User-defined functions are functions that are programmed by the user. These functions are similar to built-in function but are defined outside the main body of code; they are called in a similar way.M2: justify the research methodologies chosen for the project.

M2 justify design

Topics: Scientific method, Introduction This section describes how the research was conducted; it thus gives the area of study, research design, target population, sample size.

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