James kinneavy writing across the curriculum

Professor Emerita Janice M.

James kinneavy writing across the curriculum

Composition and Professionalization of Teaching.

james kinneavy writing across the curriculum

A Core Curriculum for Constitutional Literacy: Teaching and Learning in Discourse Communities of Work. Beyond the "Sp" Label: Perspectives on Research and Scholarship in Composition.

Strategies, Research, and Theory for College. Writing Across the Curriculum: A Guide to Developing Programs. WAC for the New Millennium: Linguistics, Stylistics, and the Teaching of Composition.

College Reading and Study Skills, 6th ed. Writing Effective Paragraphs and Essays. Handbook of Nonsexist Writing. The Norton Book of Composition Studies. Investigating Language Prescription and Standardisation.

Less Than Words Can Say. New Techniques for good Writing Without Drills. Coming on Center, 2nd ed. Teaching the Universe of Discourse.

james kinneavy writing across the curriculum

Research in Composition and Rhetoric. Center of Everything, The. Harper Dictionary of Contemporary Usage. Essays and Dialogues on His Work. Ethics and Representation in Qualitative Studies of Literacy.Writing Across the Curriculum. Graduate Writing Fellow Bios; Graduate Writing Fellow Projects.

; ; Projects; One-on-One Writing Consultations; James L. Kinneavy Award for most outstanding article published in in JAC: A Journal of Rhetorical and Writing .

Sue thrived as a university professor.

Writing Across the Curriculum : Rebecca Moore Howard

She enjoyed teaching both literature and composition. She was known for her creative use of the Harry Ransom Center art collection as a source of writing assignments and for developing her "Writing About Women Across the Life Cycle" curriculum.

Writing Across the Curriculum has succeeded because it looks like a very But it remains true, as James Kinneavy wrote in , "the Jury is still out on writing across the curriculum. Further cases must be brought to the courts to test the movement" ().

One of the chief things the Jury is still. Defining Writing Across the Curriculum Susan McLeod Writing across the curriculum, unlike many other phrases having to do use James Britton's terms) expressive to transactional writing.

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The first (for a related classification system see Kinneavy). WAC for Students. Writing Across the Curriculum. Ackerman, John M. “Reading, Writing, and Knowing: The Role of Disciplinary Knowledge in Comprehension and Composing.”. Writing Across the Curriculum programs and writing centers at the University of Missouri-Rolla, the Illinois Institute of James J.

Sosnoski James J. Sosnoski is the author of Token winning the James L. Kinneavy Award in for “Agency and the Death of the Author: A Partial Defense of.

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