Importance of cross cultural training for expatriates

The Solution to the Expat Challenge The single more important reason expatriate professionals fail is not even themselves: It is their families. Sadly, up to 75 percent of U. Unfortunately, expatriates too often are selected for their technical skills and seldom for their ability to adapt to the host country.

Importance of cross cultural training for expatriates

Using the example of Caitlin, a US sales manager, we help you understand its value for expats concerned with international business.

Cross-cultural training in a business context sounds like one of these oft-cited buzzwords which are all the rage among HR management. Expats may not always know what exactly cross-cultural training means or how they could profit from it.

Some skeptics might even doubt that cross-cultural training is all that important for a successful presentation abroad.

She had planned to attend a crash course for international presentations, but had to skip it for time reasons. Structure the presentation clearly.

Make your beginning and ending as effective as possible. Make proper use of visual aids to underscore your point. Use your voice to create enthusiasm and interest. Project confidence in your body language.

Caitlin was excellent at this. She had been a talented amateur actress in college, with natural skills at making grand gestures and effusive speeches.

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Hone your communication skills, too. Since Caitlin loved the Yankees, she kept using baseball idioms to create an extended metaphor and make the talk more entertaining.

Give your audience the opportunity to react and ask questions during a discussion round. Common Pitfalls After delivering the same presentation to people from Germany, Japan, and Norway, however, Caitlin felt disappointed and insecure, doubting her own competence.

Maybe she should have taken that cross-cultural training after all. Perhaps it would have prepared her for what she experienced in an intercultural setting.

The Japanese smiled at the mention of the Yankees, but then put their heads on their folded arms, not even listening properly. One of them attacked Caitlin rudely afterwards: Or crack open a book or two on intercultural communication.

What on earth had gone wrong? Could cross-cultural competence have avoided this business failure?The amount of cross-cultural interaction, loaded as it is with potential difficulties rooted in cultural differences, grows steadily in frequency and intensity, bringing about the need for organisations to prepare their staff (at all levels) with cross-cultural training and international competency coaching.

She then moved to Bennett Associates where her projects included Train-the –Trainer, cultural adaptability, cross cultural awareness for international management and intercultural training for HR.

CR’s final position in the States was as Project Manager for the Anti-Defamation League developing materials and seminars for diversity training.

Importance of cross cultural training for expatriates

The Importance of Cultural Competency Training for International Assignments A simple way to support success of an international assignment is to provide cultural competency training.

Historically, training has been highly valued by companies, especially cultural integration programs to . Cross-Cultural Training of Expatriates A case study of Ericsson Authors: Christian Hånberg cross-cultural training (CCT) important for multi-national corporations.

The early concept of cross-cultural intelligence is presented and the importance of CCT is. The Importance of cross-cultural training and management When recruiting international employees one important aspect to consider is the cultural differences between their home country and the host country.

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