Family scapegoat essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Scapegoating Scapegoating, v, act of singling out any party for unmerited, negative treatment has been around since the biblical days, and still exists in many different forms today. Whether fueled by hostility, aggression, frustration or jealousy, the scapegoat is singled out as the cause of those unwanted feelings, and for any trouble that may come up along the way. There are many families that either knowingly or unknowingly pick one member of the family to be the scapegoat.

Family scapegoat essay

She has fallen victim to a process which was utterly illogical and selfish. Even her own family accepted this fact and contributed to her death without a trace of remorse. Her final lines in the story show how she thought of the process as unfair: His sole suffering paid for the luxuries and pleasures that the townsfolk of Omelas enjoyed.

However, those who cannot bear the fact that someone was suffering for the whole town walked away from it. He was an American who was bullied by Neo-Nazi youths when he was found in a Jewish cemetery.

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However, this story implicitly indicates how the Jews were once treated as scapegoats by Hitler who believed that, by banishing their bloodline, the world would be a better place to live in. The portrayals of the characters in these three short stories somewhat represent what is happening in our society today.

Probably, it does not symbolize the world as a whole but rather, the people occupying it. By means of sacrificing one, more people can get to attain more good things in life. In our world today, the case of abortion portrays a clear image of the message conveyed by the stories.

A teenage girl is impregnated by her boyfriend. They cannot afford to raise a family yet, so they decide to terminate the pregnancy. If they keep the baby, it would ruin her reputation and her future.

However, if they stop the baby from being born, they could go on with their lives without worrying about responsibilities. The unborn child now becomes the scapegoat to spare the finances and reputation of the irresponsible parents.

The way the stories of Jackson, Le Guin, and Biguenet are written largely influences my views concerning justice and morality. Initially, it seems that Jackson was writing a story of celebration until it reaches the last few paragraphs. It was quite disturbing to feel the naturalness of the event to her neighbors and worse, her family.

On the other hand, Le Guin presented her story like a long description of a repulsive town guised with an evil mask.

Family scapegoat essay

Biguenet showed the power of discrimination to remind the readers of a story too heartbreaking to remember. Works Cited Biguenet, John.

A Commune for Creative Spirits. Compiled by John G.May 24,  · In his essay, Mr. Farrow, who is a family therapist, claimed that his mother spanked and slapped him, and sought to brainwash him and his siblings to keep them under her control. In all, Ms. More Essay Examples on Literature Rubric.

In “The Lottery,” Tessie Hutchinson was stoned to death by her own family and neighbors who were convinced that . Analysis of Rene Girard's The Scapegoat Essay example - "Difference that exists outside the system is terrifying because it reveals the truth of the system, its relativity, its fragility and its mortality" pronounces Rene Girard in The Scapegoat ().

By Eric Brahm.

The scapegoated child – set up

September In the West, the earliest use of the term "scapegoat" can be found in early Judaic ritual described in the Bible's Book of Leviticus. There are four basic roles in a dysfunctional family according to a column by codependence therapist/Spiritual teacher who is author of the inspirational Spiritual book .

Following are some common dysfunctional family roles: The Scapegoat: The scapegoat is considered the family’s problem child. His behavior is so outrageous that everyone else in the family looks good by comparison. Actually, the scapegoat is unconsciously acting out the unspoken family conflict.

When the family focuses on the scapegoat, it.

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