Example leisure management essays

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Example leisure management essays

Get Full Essay Get Example leisure management essays to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Harvesting of granites through explosion was an active activity of the past, thus deriving to its meaning.

Abandoned quarries have then been converted to large water bodies due to the collection of rainfall. The island is located north-eastern coast off Singapore and expands to 10 square meters in area.

Natives living on the island have then been resettled onto mainland Singapore, only an approximate number of 50 individuals still resides on the island.

Pulau Ubin offers a myriad species of flora and fauna, which are both rare and exquisite. A proposed long term plan of developing HDB units to meet with the growing demand of housing has been in talks recently and the government of Singapore is still weighing on the decision.

Pulau Ubin offers eco-tourism to day-trippers as it is a source of escape from urban lifestyle of Singapore.

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The report will be addressing and analyzing sustainability of tourism and leisure activities of Pulau Ubin. Leisure industries obligations and operations towards sustainable tourism and leisure activities There are 3 main categories of leisure industries of tourism which branches out to Commercial Private sector, Voluntary Not for Profit sector and Government Public Sector.

In the following, I will be addressing 2 categories. Commercial Private sector Small enterprises are a busy scene in Ubin town.

Example leisure management essays

A tourist to Pulau Ubin contributes to the income of these enterprises. As the island is an escape from urban lifestyle, these enterprises has minimal modern infrastructure changes as to maintain its rustic feel, in which dated back to s of old Singapore.

As these enterprises primary objectives is income generation, the obligations that they have to hold would be preserving the natural surroundings to a large extend as local day-tripper would like to experience and re-living the rural days of Singapore.

Government Public sector As of recent, Pulau Ubin has been in the limelight on whether it should undergo redevelopment projects.

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Pulau Ubin has became a prominent choice for ecotourism activities as Singaporeans and international tourists has viewed the island as a distinctive change from routine attractions as it offers adventure and environment appreciation.

The government should assess and regulate policies that are in favor of maintaining and preserving the natural habitat of the island as this could be a source of national treasure in the future.

Sustainability management issues — Pollution Environmental I would be addressing Pollution as the first sustainability management issue with regards to Pulau Ubin. Improper disposal of waste With the increase of tourist activities in Pulau Ubin, improper disposal of waste has seen a rise.

Walking on the coastal boardwalk of Chek Jawa, items such as bottles and plastics bags were spotted.

Example leisure management essays

It is an alarming issue of pollution as not only it is unsightly to tourists but it may be harmful to living organisms as they could not produce food from the sunlight as these plastic pollutants impede their food making process.

Carbon emission Mode of transportation within the island is limited.

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Tourists either rent bicycles or rent a van for touring purposes. As the island is abundant with natural habitats and living organisms, these carbon emissions from the van is a source of pollutant.

Not only if may affect the livelihood of flora and fauna, the quality of air for the locals will be compromised. Cases of respiratory-related problems will be on a rise due to constant exhalation of this poor air quality.

Sustainability management issues — Displacement Socio-cultural Next, Displacement would be the second sustainability management issue that I will be addressing Villagers of Pulau Ubin have been resettled since the closure and abandonment of quarries. Discussions over future projects are in the midst and if these projects follow through, displacement will occur.

Recommendations for Sustainable Management Tactics 5. Water pollution — Oil leakage Bumboats operators may want to reduce the frequency of ferrying tourists into the island. Operators ought to look at the demand curve as demand fluctuates over time.

Government may intervene by imposing fines on bumboat operators who dispose excessive oil into the ocean. This may deter operators from committing such undesirable act and thus benefiting the marine habitat.

Improper disposal of waste Public education on proper disposal of waste is necessary as it will benefit Pulau Ubin both appearance wise and the livelihood of habitats.Example Leisure Management Essay Critically evaluate the process of change management carried out by a leisure and sport organisation with which you are familiar.

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