Everything about marijuana essay

February When we were in junior high school, my friend Rich and I made a map of the school lunch tables according to popularity.

Everything about marijuana essay

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This advice runs quite contrary to the current popular culture. Recreational marijuana use has gone mainstream in the past few years as various states have legalized its use.

Everything about marijuana essay

Celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa, Justin Timberlake, and Miley Cyrus have admitted to using it, and openly promote Everything about marijuana essay at the federal level. Marijuana, which was once regarded as a gateway drug, is now lauded for its medicinal properties and it has been rebranded as a safe, herbal alternative to achieving relaxation.

Drugs are bad Not too long ago, smoking pot was considered to be a bad thing.


Pot was also believed to be a gateway drug that leads to the adoption of the harder drugs. At the time, there had been a rash of Hollywood and music industry deaths related to drug abuse such as actor River Phoenix and Sublime lead singer and guitarist, Bradley Nowell.

The message back then was clear—all drug use is destructive and should be avoided at all costs. A makeover for pot Miley Cyrus via Instagram.

Hey kids, if you dress like a prostitute and smoke pot, you can be cool just like me! It was probably a combination of the libertarian movement to legalize drug usage and the medical marijuana movement that gave pot smoking a rehabilitation.

Now, smoking pot is cool. Who wants to watch Miley Cyrus prancing around in ridiculous outfits with her disgusting tongue hanging out?

What is CBD oil?

But the VMAs are a good bellwether for where our society is headed. Smoke pot, because Miley and virtually every other talentless bonehead on stage does too. West then concluded with an announcement that he would be running for president in It turns out there are some good reasons to throw away your pipe, bong, and rolling papers.

Pot and schizophrenia Jared Loughner The use of marijuana has been correlated to schizophrenia. For those who are unfamiliar with the disease, schizophrenia is a horrible, disabling brain disorder that causes its sufferers to experience psychosis. Typically, people who suffer from schizophrenia hear voices and feel that some group is monitoring them.

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I knew a schizophrenic man who told me that the Vatican was following him. It would have been pointless to try to reason with him.This post is sponsored by NuggMD, where you can get a New York medical marijuana card online by speaking to a NY marijuana doctor today!

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In this book, written by a long-term, dedicated gardener, you will learn the ins and outs of hydroponic gardening. Many people believe that hydroponics is only something that marijuana cultivators use to produce their crops.

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Why You Should Stop Using Pot – Return Of Kings

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Everything about marijuana essay
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