Essay about travelogue

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Essay about travelogue

Traveling or seeing places is an important part of our education. One cannot believe a fact to be true unless one sees it.

The education that we receive from schools and colleges does not provide clear knowledge or idea of places.

For instance, a student who does not travel at all and goes through his books only does not find any meaning in the name of Haldighat or Kurukshetra except that the battle of Haldighat and the battle of Kaurbus and Pandavas were fought in the places respectively.

It happens just because he receives this much knowledge from the book. But in the recent days people are found to be curious about visiting places of historical importance. The modern man is curious to learn things and to travel place of historical interest. With the advancement of transport system travelling has become easier than what it was in the primitive days.

The modern transport system has made the lives of the travelling people easier by decreasing the distance by the swiftness of vehicles. The prevailing journeys do not cost more than those were in the primitive days.

The purposes of travelling are different for different people. There are some people who travel for the sake of pleasure. The people that are heavily burdened either at their domestic front or at their offices move too far off places for relieving their worries and anxieties.

The poets and writers make a trip to distant places for collection of facts for their Writings. Businessmen also visit various places to enquire as to whether there are scopes for expansion of their business.

Essay about travelogue

It is common for statesmen to visit other countries on a goodwill mission. Travelling provides the benefit of sightseeing and gives Pleasure to the visitor. In addition, it gives a scope to an individual to have firsthand knowledge of variegated people inhabiting the world.

One cannot appreciate the work of art created by master hands unless one visits places and things. A visit to a place imparts practical knowledge of important places, persons, things and the nature of people.

The business people are made aware of the natural products of different countries by travelling. The intellectual outlook of students is heightened by travelling.

We derive the benefit of getting ourselves acquainted with the characteristics of foreign people. The world outside becomes clearer than what it would have been under other circumstances by travelling.

The superimposition of travelling remains on the fact that too is better than books.

Essay about travelogue

In different countries we come across people of different tastes, fashions, caste, creed, and colour. Once we know their ways of living it arouses a sense of brotherhood in us for them.

Travelogue writing is most effective accompanied by illustrations such as photographs or brochures. Some magazines that buy travel articles welcome travel literature or travelogues. Give travel advice in an essay-type structure, telling a story about your journey. Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Travelogue essay in hindi Posted By: October 29, ???????? essay jquery essay about table tennis uk rules Essay for gap year experience blog Global citizenship essay words What is prayer essay judaism.

By travelling we avail of the scope of making a change of thing. By Visiting Mountain and forest area we enjoy the wild beauty of nature. Those who lead their life in a populated city get free air and enjoy beauty by travelling. By visiting places of natural beauty our thought process is transported to a new region.A travelogue is a person’s account of a journey to another country or place.

It can either be a written report with many factual details or a narrative story about personal impressions and experiences supported by images. Analysis of Candide The setting in Voltaire's "Candide" is important, since Candied is a travelogue the setting plays a major role in the story line.3/5(4).

A travelogue is an essay-type piece of writing, so all rules for essays work here too. There are three elements: introduction, main body, and conclusion. There are also some peculiarities that we should mention in our guide. Now, our guide on how to write a travelogue is complete. We strongly believe that your talent and writing skills.

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Short Essay on the Importance of Travelling. Most people, after a pleasant travel, re­turn home with a fresh outlook, new zeal and a better deter­mination. ADVERTISEMENTS: Travelling has also a great informative value. It widens the grasp of our knowledge of geography, different cultures and people, etc.

For example, when people of Assam.

Travelogue essay in hindi