Dilemmas and challenges of the space age are we ready to explore the universe

But why bother spending all this money exploring space and finding out there was water on Mars at some point in the last few thousand years we have water in Earth when these same great minds could be applied to finding better ways to power humanity's insatiable desire for energy, to feeding the starving millions around the globe, and generally making life down here better before looking up into the heavens. It seems the authoritative powers have their heads way, way up in the clouds. The needs of humanity should always come first.

Dilemmas and challenges of the space age are we ready to explore the universe

She does know though, that the opportunities for her will be greater if she stays in college, so she said she will continue to invest in her daughter's education.

Dilemmas and challenges of the space age are we ready to explore the universe

October 20, at 7: I vote that we instead cut funding to educate everyone whose IQ is in the lower 20th percentile. Also employment will go up as this lower 20th percentile would have to settle for minimum wage jobs.

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This would then also help deplete the number of jobs available to illegal immigrants. So much WIN here. October 20, at 8: October 20, at 9: You can not be serious. My wife is a teacher and I take offense to your comments. I can tell you, they do not get 3 months off.

Dilemmas and challenges of the space age are we ready to explore the universe

Any vacation they get during the school year is used to prepare for the upcoming weeks and the 2 months they get in summer is often not all time off. Some of it is spent prepping the classroom for the following year.

There is nothing more important than teaching the children of this nation so they can grow up to want to become engineers or as you say "something else serious" like more teachers in my opinion. It's obvious from your irrational argument that you fail to see the irony of your statement.

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It takes teachers to teach engineers. In other words, engineers aren't just born as such. They must grow up in an environment that fosters such a willingness to create and learn. An environment that every child deserves.

I taught for 9 years and now I own my own business. Teaching is much a much harder job than what I do now and I make more money and work when and how I want. Teachers deserve everything they want and unless you want to do what they do shut your mouth.

Lets get back to the to the topic. I can tell that the woman in the article probably votes the same as Greg does haha! And just to be clear, exploration of space is the MOST important thing we do.

October 21, at But I did what used to be known as the American thing and I busted my a s s to work my way through school. Now I have a well paying job and I resent those people who think I owe them higher taxes so they can coast through it all. Get off it and work your way through school.

Race to Space: 5 Billionaires Who Might Find Life Outside Earth Before NASA

It takes more time and effort but guess what? It actually means more to you when you made it happen yourself. Im not really a crook, just a screenname But you're right, people expect the government to give people money when all they do is sit on their butts and do nothing all day.

They don't even look for jobs! They sit, watch TV and keep tabs on their mail box.Space is so vast and holds many mysteries and the hidden knowledge we are yet to discover.

Since the old times people were intrigued by universe and all the worlds within. Space exploration allows us to learn about other planets and life forms and to use this knowledge to .

where they explore Earth, the moon, Mars, and beyond; chart the best ways to learn about the universe; and help society reap the benefits of Earth and space exploration. We should move toward a liberalization of our policies affecting cooperation in space activities, should stand ready to provide launch services and share technology wherever possible, and should make arrangements to involve foreign experts in the detailed definition of future United States space programs and in the conceptual and design studies.

Sep 30,  · The intangible desire to explore and challenge the boundaries of what we know and where we have been has provided benefits to our society for centuries. Human space exploration helps to address fundamental questions about our place in the Universe and the history of our solar system.

It was the first major discovery of the Space Age. In demonstrating the possibilities for the world, Explorer I made space a race.

It also laid the initial groundwork for NASA’s exploration of the moon and planets. The Space Task Group has identified major technical and scientific challenges in space in the belief that returns will accrue to the society that takes up those challenges.

Values and Benefits The magnitude of predicted great economic and social benefits from space activities cannot be precisely determined.

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