An analysis of the violence today

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An analysis of the violence today

Most of the murders occurred in the last 10 days of the month, just as the Salvadoran government decided to send tanks to the streets of the capital in an apparent show of force. An average of 27 homicides occurred per day between September 20 and 30, according to official figures.

Moreover, September ended with two events that illustrate a pattern of violence that will likely continue to repeat itself.

An analysis of the youth violence myth in society today

Prosecutors told InSight Crime that they still have not determined whether the attack was gang-related. Another incident shows how gangs, especially the MS13, maintain control over important parts of El Salvador, especially in urban areas.

On September 30, members of the MS13 called private security guards at a housing complex in Soyapango, a suburb east of San Salvador, to threaten to kill them if they did not leave the building. The guards left their posts and the neighbors decided to form a self-defense group in order to protect themselves.

This recent rise in homicides comes just a few weeks after accusations surfaced that the Salvadoran government was turning a blind eye toward the existence of death squads within the National Police. These measures included extended detention periods, the use of the army in public security activities, increased flexibility for the execution of searches and seizures, and the tightening of administrative measures in prisons.

Despite its extraordinary anti-gang measures and belligerent rhetoric, the Salvadoran government has also been accused of promoting clandestine pacts with the gangs, including one that reportedly facilitated the creation of a dissident faction of the MS13, dubbed the MS The Salvadoran police report homicides each day on their Twitter account.

On September 29, for example, 32 people were reported killed, of which only 2 were presumed to be gang members. The numbers were similar on September Similar numbers were repeated during the final days of September. During a September 29 meeting in Miami with US officials and representatives from Guatemala and Honduras, the attorney general said that the Salvadoran government had criminally charged 3, alleged gang members and arrested 1, alleged MS13 members.

Officials also called for continued international cooperation to counter gangs, specifically the MS13, which the US Treasury Department designated as a transnational criminal enterprise in The Justice Department statement highlights ongoing trials in New York and Massachusetts against suspected members of the MS13 as well as charges filed by US partners in Central America as signs of success in the fight against the gang.

In August, prosecutors lost a trial in which 18 people, most of them ex-officials, were charged with having committed illegal acts to facilitate the gang truce. The trial judge acquitted them all and even berated prosecutors for the weakness of their case.

According to an indictment filed in that proceeding, the investigation and prosecution focuses on the finances of the MS As the US Justice Department pointed out, extraordinary anti-gang measures in El Salvador have led to the arrests of numerous suspected gang members.

However, as has happened with previous heavy-handed security initiatives, many of those arrested have returned to the streets after short periods in jail because most are charged without solid evidence.

An analysis of the violence today

On several occasions they have used the number of homicides as a bargaining chip in their violent interactions or dialogues with the government.

The September numbers, which the government has attributed to internal fighting between factions of the MS13, highlight the interaction between the extraordinary measures, the resurgence of the use of violence by gangs to maintain territorial control and the direct consequences of the gang truce.

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The analysis also drew on more than five million lost, stolen, and recovered reports lodged with the National Crime Information Center, or NCIC, a federal database used to track missing property (a copy of which was first obtained by USA Today through a public records request).

We compared those datasets with information on guns seized by the. Workplace violence is attributed to a broad range of behaviors falling along a spectrum that, due to their nature or severity, significantly affect the workplace, generate a concern for personal safety and can result in physical injury or even death.

Oct 25,  · A number of suspicious packages arrived in the mail today intended for former President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the New York office of CNN. Analysis of Violence in the Media - While violence is not new to the human race, it is an accumulative epidemic that is taking over today’s society.

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With firearms, ammunition and explosives becoming more accessible, this is resulting into more violent behavior and less serious consequences.

Isn't Society Becoming More and More Violent?