Academic writing examples sentences of onomatopoeia

Since this is the third day they are practicing Onomatopoeia, I make a connection to the scaffolding lesson we did yesterday. I ask students what strategy we are working on this week and wait for them to say Onomatopoeia. This time, I want them to remind me what Onomatopoeia is, which is when sounds are put into word form.

Academic writing examples sentences of onomatopoeia

Search Onomatopoeia Examples The word 'onomatopoeia' originates from the Greek word, which means to create. An onomatopoeic word describes the source of a sound. These devices bring out the flavour from words giving the situation a lively feel.

Common occurrences of onomatopoeia include animal noises or noises we hear in our everyday lives; the sound from a clock, door, phone etc.

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The onomatopoeic tool is used so commonly that evolve quickly into a new word, until the time it is no longer regarded as onomatopoeia but a part of vocabulary itself! Advertising and media use onomatopoeia as a mnemonic because it helps the consumer to remember and relate to the products faster.

Such is the power of sounds! So steer through the examples below and taste of essence of onomatopoeia. Examples Of Onomatopoeia My son swooshed the basketball into the net. Shuffle the paper stack again properly. Please do not whisper in the examination hall.

The owl hooted as it sat in the tree. Meow, where's my milk, cried the cat. The jangle of her bracelets caught his attention. She made a sound with her tongue to show her displeasure.

The rustle of the leaves startled the kids. Pitter-patter rain drops are falling from the sky. My teacher told me to shoosh, because I was making too much noise.


The door creaked open in the old mansion. The tires of the sports car halted with a loud screech. Harry mumbled in his mouth that he was not thirsty. The birds like to tweet outside my window.Interjections are rarely, if ever, used in academic writing where the tone of an essay should be formal.

Another fact about interjections is that they will be onomatopoeic. An onomatopoeia is a word that imitates a sound, such as oink, quack, or moo. For example: In his paper “Global Implications of Patent Law Variation,” Koji Suzuki () states that lack of consistency in the world’s patent laws is a serious problem.

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academic writing examples sentences of onomatopoeia

Examples of Onomatopoeia in Sentences When we were younger, our parents and teachers used to tell us about the different sounds that various objects and animals produce.

Back then, it was all a part of a learning process to . Onomatopoeia means making a sound in a sentence that relates to the word onomatopoeia. Examples: The bee went buzz, buzz. The dynamite went boom, boom.

The water went splash, splash. The dog went.

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