A comparison of a street car named desiree by tennessee williams and gone with the wind by margaret

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A comparison of a street car named desiree by tennessee williams and gone with the wind by margaret

Biography[ edit ] — After rejecting his many suggestions, she took "Vivian Leigh" as her professional name. One such article was from the Daily Expressin which the interviewer noted "a lightning change came over her face", which was the first public mention of the rapid changes in mood which had become characteristic of her.

And it took me years to learn enough to live up to what they said for those first notices. I remember the critic very well and have never forgiven him. Meeting Laurence Olivier[ edit ] Laurence Olivier saw Leigh in The Mask of Virtue, and a friendship developed after he congratulated her on her performance.

Olivier and Leigh began an affair while acting as lovers in Fire Over Englandbut Olivier was still married to actress Jill Esmond. Selznickwho was planning a film version. Without apparent provocation, she began screaming at him before suddenly becoming silent and staring into space.

She was able to perform without mishap, and by the following day she had returned to normal with no recollection of the event. It was the first time Olivier witnessed such behaviour from her. During production, she developed a reputation for being difficult and unreasonable, partly because she disliked her secondary role but mainly because her petulant antics seemed to be paying dividends.

He was not well known in the United States despite his success in Britain, and earlier attempts to introduce him to American audiences had failed. Selznick watched her performances that month in Fire Over England and A Yank at Oxford and thought that she was excellent but in no way a possible Scarlett because she was "too British".

Leigh travelled to Los Angeles, however, to be with Olivier and to try to convince David Selznick that she was the right person for the part. Myron Selznick also represented Olivier and when he met Leigh, he felt that she possessed the qualities that his brother was searching for.

She secured the role of Scarlett soon after. Cukor was dismissed and replaced by Victor Flemingwith whom Leigh frequently quarrelled. She and Olivia de Havilland secretly met with Cukor at night and on weekends for his advice about how they should play their parts.

Hate, hate, and never want to do another film again! She had two great concerns: Actresses go on for a long time and there are always marvellous parts to play.

Esmond was granted custody of Tarquin, her son with Olivier. Holman was granted custody of Suzanne, his daughter with Leigh.

He refused to allow her to join Olivier in Pride and Prejudiceand Greer Garson played the role Leigh had wanted for herself. Olivier are handsome young people, they hardly act their parts at all.

With the United States not yet having entered the war, it was one of several Hollywood films made with the aim of arousing a pro-British sentiment among American audiences.

Roosevelt and, on its conclusion, addressed the group, saying, "Gentlemen, I thought this film would interest you, showing great events similar to those in which you have just been taking part.

A comparison of a street car named desiree by tennessee williams and gone with the wind by margaret

Leigh was filming Caesar and Cleopatra when she discovered she was pregnant, then had a miscarriage. All British films in this period were adversely affected by a Hollywood boycott of British films. She became Lady Olivier. The tour was an outstanding success and, although Leigh was plagued with insomnia and allowed her understudy to replace her for a week while she was ill, she generally withstood the demands placed upon her, with Olivier noting her ability to "charm the press".

Members of the company later recalled several quarrels between the couple as Olivier was increasingly resentful of the demands placed on him during the tour.

An exhausted and exasperated Olivier screamed an obscenity at her and slapped her face, and a devastated Leigh slapped him in return, dismayed that he would hit her publicly. Subsequently, she made her way to the stage in borrowed pumps, and in seconds, had "dried her tears and smiled brightly onstage".

Olivier told a journalist, "You may not know it, but you are talking to a couple of walking corpses. Nevertheless, she believed strongly in the importance of the work. Olivier and Leigh were chagrined that part of the commercial success of the play lay in audience members attending to see what they believed would be a salacious story, rather than the Greek tragedy that they envisioned.Ask the Cool Cookie said.

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